Friday, 12 April 2013

A Way to Think by B Burton

I have been asked to post this and as it is to do with research on our bodies and alternative issues I thought this page suited it better.

It does make you think about alternatives, although mesothelioma is a manmade killer our bodies do need help in staying healthy.
The Power of Knowledge

I was 26 when I found the first lump. It was five days after I walked out on my soon to be ex-husband.  I left feeling like I was starting over, only to find I could possibly be staring death in the face.   My heart stopped, I couldn’t breathe, and after a few days of ignorant disbelief I called my doctor.  His referral to an ultrasound specialist meant a wait of almost two months and the night before my appointment I found another one.  I sat down on my bedside and cried.  This story is inspired by a man in a similar situation, yet while his prognosis was grim his story is inspiring.  James "Rhio" O'Connor was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that affects the cells of the mesothelium, or protective lining that covers many of the internal organs.  Most commonly mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos and mostly located in the pleura which are the outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall.  When Rhio was diagnosed he was only given a year to live, but he decided to find his own truth in the matter and found six extra years for himself in research and knowledge.  He studied everything he could about his cancer; talked to every doctor he could, and researched every form of alternative treatment he could find until he chose a course of action he felt would most benefit his body.  Along with the help of his personally selected doctors Rhio choose his own path, and became a beacon of hope in an age when money stands above honest research.  I was lucky enough to have been given a benign prognosis, yet had I been told the worst I would gladly follow in Rhio’s footsteps and inspired by his story, I would be unafraid to try every avenue of treatment I could find.

Standing in Rhio’s footsteps, where would I begin?  Research possibilities are endless in this information age, and with the internet, knowledge is endless, however; with an equal amount of scam and conspiracy the idea of starting with my doctor makes more since.  Of course picking the right doctor would be of utmost importance.  Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are always the go to for cancer treatment, but if they only gave little more time, and threatened to leave the last few moments of my life, well, not worth living, I would start with a nutrition expert.  Food is our body’s life source, why should it not be the first place we look when we want to heal ourselves.  We have all heard the stories about indigenous tribes who have to cancer cure in their daily diets, silly as it sounds there is truth in it, and most of our pharmaceuticals started out just that way.  Working with a nutrition expert I would research my specific cancer and its causes, specifically down to what types of cells it infected, Mesothelioma effects mesothelium for example.  Every cell in our body has a specific purpose and needs specific fuel; I would want to know everything I can about that specific cell before I even began.  Every cell functions by using certain amino acids and various minerals to carry out its function, and even still need certain minerals to help absorb necessary amino acids and minerals for functional use.  Learning which amino acids and minerals your body needs to support the health of your infected cells may be a great starting point on the road to recovery.  So many studies have been done on the effects of proper diet in the aid of cancer recovery, yet because natural sources cannot be patented the proper research and testing is too expensive as it simply would not be profitable for large pharmaceutical companies to explore.

Alternative approaches have unfortunately still been under researched today, and more should be done to make them more accessible and approachable.  If I were unable to find the panacea for myself, I would only hope that my research would be used to advance the study of natural holistic treatments.  It is possible to cure cancer without bring harm to our bodies in the process, but we have to step up and push forward for more research in the study of alternative care.  Would government funding be the answer?  With the current sequester in effect, not likely.  So I present the case of James "Rhio" O'Connor.  A man who pressed against all odds, and made a difference in his own body through knowledge and understanding so that he could be a shining example of the power we all hold inside ourselves.  Within his story is the answer, knowledge is a gift we all have the ability to obtain, and it is the key to improving progress in curing cancer.

In remembrance of Rhio always seek out knowledge, and support those who strive to bring it to the public.  I was given peace of mind in my situation only because the Susan G. Komen foundation sponsored me.  As a full time college student with little income the idea of a mammogram was daunting and if not for the Komen Sponsorship Program I would probably be living today with the ever looming fear of the unknown.  I will forever be a supporter of the Komen foundation, and any other organization that strives to make cancer prevention and treatment accessible to everyone.

Written by Brittney Burton


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